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Payal Jangid

Payal Jangid stopped her own child marriage when she was 10 years old. Through her advocacy and activism, Payal has been a champion for change and a fearless voice against the exploitation of children.

For her courage and compassionate leadership, she received the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers Global Goals Award at the age of 17, in 2019.


When Devli asked a group of world leaders at the United Nations’ General Assembly, “if a small girl like me can take a vow to enrol all children in school, then I am sure all of
you dignitaries together can surely eradicate child labour and educate all children of the world.”

Queen Rania of Jordan and Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister came and hugged Devli. As a result of her act of bravery, 450 million dollars was announced to educate children globally.

Slum Dweller Turns Cafe Owner: The Incredible Story of Priyanka Sowame

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From Child Bride to Education Advocate: Pooja Banjara's Inspiring Journey Towards Empowerment and Equality

From Child Bride to Education Advocate: Pooja Banjara’s Inspiring Journey Towards Empowerment and Equality

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Subhash Banjara

Subhash Banjara: Bridging Hearts and Minds for a Permanence of Dreams

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Breaking the Chains: Akash Banjara’s Journey to Freedom and Empowerment

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Niranjan's Compassionate Crusade

Rising Against Addiction: Niranjan’s Compassionate Crusade

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A 12-Year-Old Girl’s Endeavor Brings Light to a School After 16 Years

A 12-Year-Old Girl’s Endeavor Brings Light to a School After 16 Years

3 Minutes Read In the midst of a school nestled among rural landscapes, where electricity remains a distant dream, there shines a remarkable …

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Empowering Equality, Compassion, and Change in the Face of Casteism

Empowering Equality, Compassion, and Change in the Face of Casteism

3 Minutes Read Certain parts of India continue to practice discriminatory customs based on birth. India has undergone significant changes in recent years, …

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