Subhash Banjara: Bridging Hearts and Minds for a Permanence of Dreams

Subhash Banjara
3 Minutes ReadThe mind is the seat for reasoning, while the heart is home to compassion. We often wonder whether the two could coincide. Most times, it is said that we must follow one out of the two- it is either the heart or the brain. But when we met Subhash, he made us think otherwise. In the land of Neemadi, Subhash stays in a concrete house that shelters his family of four. He tells us that the house has been recently cemented because before pursuing academics, his family saw no point in spending on a permanent house. Subhash Banjara’s community is of vagabonds, the nomads. They barely stay in one place. Due to their constant travel and look-out for earning opportunities, the world’s progress barely touched their lives. It was not until 2012 when the first school opened in Neemadi that most of the community saw stationary lives for the first time ever. Education was an alien concept to the Banjaras, and Subhash was not immune to this initial skepticism. “But school has its ways, it could be the best and the worst place together at the same time, it grows on you,” says Subhash with a sheepish grin as he now thinks of the past. After seeing how education transforms a person, Subhash decided not to miss a single day of it. His humble abode- now concrete- stands as a testament of his will and his family’s decision to embrace permanence.   Subhash Banjara in VillageKnowledge limited to oneself is no knowledge at all- for it must be known and shared. Subhash's journey did not remain confined to the classroom, for he realized that knowledge unshared was like a song unheard. He took it upon himself to advocate for education throughout his nomadic community, knocking on each door with an ardent spirit. Education would not benefit the community if only a handful of children availed it. “If nothing,” he said, “the children would play instead of grazing a herd of sheep or cows, or even selling Multani Mitti.” He wished them to see a world that is beyond these limiting activities. Influencing other boys in the community, Subhash became an idol that they would now follow. On seeing how he could help others by impact, he made his way to YouTube. “I post about education, animals. I also like to post comedy videos to make everyone laugh.” His channel flourished, drawing hundreds of thousands of subscribers who marvel at his wisdom and laugh at his antics.   He embarked on a mission to transform his community, not just by opening their eyes to the world beyond sheep and Multani Mitti, but also by making tangible contributions. With a spark of determination, he and his friends set their sights on completing their course in ITI Fitters, with the grand dream of becoming car engineers.   The Banjara community, deeply entwined with animals and Multani Mitti, had long been the fabric of their identity. Subhash wants development to become Banjaras’ ally, not an adversary, to make it reachable. This is why they wish to make cars at an affordable price for their community particularly.   In the heart of Neemadi, Subhash Banjara has become more than just a name. He has become an inspiration, a catalyst for change in a world where hearts and minds can coexist, transcending the boundaries of all possibilities. And so, the story of Subhash and his nomadic community continues to unfold, painting the landscape with the colors of dreams turned into reality, where the heart's compassion and the mind's reasoning create a symphony that resonates through the ages, singing songs of permanence.

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