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Satyarthi Movement For Global Compassion (SMGC) aims to ignite the spark of compassion in everyone to achieve justice, equity, peace, and sustainability for all. It is born out of four decades of Mr. Kailash Satyarthi’s (Nobel Peace Laureate 2014) revolutionary life and path-breaking endeavors as a social reformer. We have seen through concrete examples how a  single spark of compassion can lead to paradigm shifting social transformation and meaningful impact at scale.

SMGC is committed to ‘Globalising Compassion’.

 We believe Compassion is the deepest connection with the suffering of others that compels one to take meaningful actions to end that suffering. 


Embracing compassion as a way of life
Mr. Satyarthi has inspired millions of people across 140 countries to fight against child slavery and ensure freedom, education, equality and justice for the voiceless and the most marginalised.

Let us enlarge our circle of compassion and pledge to act selflessly for those who need it the most.

The Need For Compassion


people are living in conflict-affected areas

(UN Press Release, 2022)

people are displaced due to the Ukraine War

(UN SDG Report, 2022)

are committed every 2 minutes internationally

(WHO Report, 2019)

people are
suffering from anxiety

(Our World Data, 2018)
0 %
of Female

high-school students in the US have considered suicide

(Our World Data, 2018)

Come, Join our Events

A heart-to-heart touch can provide a profound and intimate connection, fostering a meaningful experience that words alone cannot convey.


Join the Movement

Join the Movement of Compassion and help create a world where kindness and empathy prevail, uplifting the lives of those in need. Together, we can build a society that nurtures and supports one another with love and understanding.

Recurring Donations

Donate now and make a compassionate difference in the lives of those facing hardship and adversity. Your contribution can bring hope, comfort, and relief to those in need, fostering a more caring and empathetic world.

Do Your Bit

All humans are born with an inherent capacity for Compassion. A compassionate person’s response to the suffering of self and others is instantaneous and instinctive. Compassion is the driving force that steers us from cognizance to compassion in action.

We are in midst of a crisis of civilization. Human connect through compassion is the most powerful way to restore justice, peace and sustainability in the world. Let us globalize compassion and learn how to walk together.


A huge fire broke out in the forest. All the animals were running away, including the lion, the king of the forest.
Suddenly, he saw a tiny bird rushing straight towards the fire. He asked the bird, “What are you doing?” To the lion's surprise, the bird replied, “I am going to extinguish the fire.” The lion laughed and said, “How can you do it keeping just one drop of water in your beak?” But the bird was adamant, and said, “I am doing my bit.”

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