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Compassionate Communities

A ‘Compassionate Community’ is a rights-based, sustainable development model to address deep-rooted societal challenges. The aim is to create a more compassionate, empowered and equitable world with a community-centered, action-driven and participative approach.

Youth and women leaders from these communities have shown exceptional courage and compassion to create transformative change and won several awards including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Goalkeeper Award.

We believe that the need of the hour is to ‘Globalize Compassion’ by creating ‘Compassionate Communities’ around the world.

Power of Democratic Participation

Bal Panchayat is an exemplary model of democratic child and youth participation for social change. This is a council of elected leaders that works with the local government to highlight and resolve crucial issues being faced by the community.

There have been 18113 Bal Panchayat leaders since 2001.

Bringing Together Those Left Behind

Our interventions with nomadic communities of India involve complex systemic transformation. These communities have always faced discrimination by mainstream society and labelled ‘criminals’.

We work to ensure community members get identification documents, access to social protection and voting rights, helping prevent constant migration.

Our focus is on education which helps create firstgeneration learners and empowering women and youth leaders to become agents of change.

We work in 15 Nomadic Communities since 2008

Bal Ashram, the Compassion Lab

In the Aravali hills of India, there exists a place where Compassion is a way of life.

Here, children and youth from marginalised communities who have been rescued from the worst forms of abuse, exploitation and slavery, overcome their deep trauma. They learn to trust themselves and others, rediscover their childhood, and learn to dream. All through the power of compassion in action.

Hundreds of these children and youth have become leaders and change makers themselves, fighting for the rights and freedom of the most marginalised. Some have become doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers
and entrepreneurs.

Many of our learning programmes, dialogues and events are held at Bal
Ashram, which continues to be a deep source of inspiration in our journey to globalise compassion.

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Compassionate Communities
Women Trained in Vocational Skills
Elected Bal Panchayat Leaders
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Child Survivors Successfully Reintegrated Into Society

Do Your Bit

All humans are born with an inherent capacity for Compassion. A compassionate person’s response to the suffering of self and others is instantaneous and instinctive. Compassion is the driving force that steers us from cognizance to compassion in action.

Experiential Learning Program (ELP)

The objective of our Experiential Learning Program is to help individuals increase their ‘Compassion Quotient’ and apply ‘Compassion in Action’ to all aspects of their life. This ELP model will harness knowledge and experience from ‘Compassionate Communities’ and include multidisciplinary research and evidence-based practices. Participants will embark on a journey of deep self-reflection, interactive problem solving and community-based immersive learning.
The ELP will foster a sense of connectedness and personal fulfillment enhancing our commitment to human dignity, kindness and shared responsibility.

SMGC Dialogues

SMGC Dialogues serve as strategic engagements among global leaders, changemakers, and Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, aimed at promoting awareness and comprehension of ‘Compassion in Action,’ while also broadening the reach of ‘Circles of Compassion’.


Notable figures who have engaged in discussions with Mr. Satyarthi encompass:

Peggy Dulany

Founder & Chair, Synergos

Hon. Kateryna Yushchenko

Former First Lady, Ukraine;Member, NGIC

Miguel Ángel Moratinos

United Nations Under-Secretary-General

Gabriela Ramos

UNESCO Assistant Director-General

Leymah Gbowee

Nobel Peace Laureate and Liberian Peace Activist

Kerry Kennedy

President RFK Human Rights

Compassionate Dialogues and Partnerships

We curate conferences, events and dialogues to bring together global changemakers including youth advocates, thought-leaders and domain experts across sectors.

The goal is to create awareness and understanding of compassion in action and compassionate leadership across the world.

We partner with like-minded governments, organisations, institutions and worldwide to amplify our collective efforts to globalise compassion.

Advancing the values embodying compassion and human fraternity is very much needed in our world today.

Career Opportunities at SMGC

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